Friday, 24 February 2012

Shelf help: best self help books

You can find all kinds of self help books aimed at guiding you through life's challenges - but can they really make a difference? We take a look at some of the newest self help books and most popular titles.
Be Happy Without Being Perfect - Alice D Domar
If you're one of those people who put pressure on themselves to be perfect, this book is for you. It features a questionnaire to help you identify the areas of your life that you strive for perfection - such as your body, work, relationships or home - and then offers some practical advice to get your life back in balance.

Learn to be an optimist - Lucy Macdonald
You might think you are either born an optimist or pessimist (or that life's events can change your outlook) but this book suggest it's possible to change your thinking and look on the bright side. It's not without some effort though, so be prepared to do a lot of exercises each day.

The Mood Gym - Dr Helen Christensen
Packed full of drug-free remedies for depression, this book looks at strategies for coping, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, which can be used alongside medical treatment. With clear explanations and practical strategies, it offers anyone suffering with depression useful advice which can help make a difference.

Trust Your Vibes: Secrets for Intuitive Living - Sonia Choquette
Feel as though you aren't reaching your full potential? Experienced psychic and spiritual teacher for over 32 years, Sonia insists that we all have a sixth sense. And we need that extra sensory power to feel fulfilled, peaceful and happy - this books guides you to a place of security, confidence and courage along the way.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway - Susan Jeffers
This self-help classic deserves its place on the self help book shelf. If you haven't read it for a while, think about re-reading it! We can all slip back into negative and restrictive behaviours - and a boost of positive thinking, confidence and strategies to overcome low self-esteem is of benefit to everyone.

The Break-up Survival Kit - Pam Spurr
If you've suffered a break-up and are tired of hearing that there's 'plenty more fish in the sea' and other such clich├ęs then this is the book for you. The fact is, the end of a long-term relationship can leave many with feelings of anger, frustration and desperation - and this book recognises that. Packed with tips for getting back in the dating game, it's a great companion for getting through a break up - and finding love at the other side.

Have you been inspired by a self-help book? Let us know which you would recommend below.

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